We design original products of enhanced quality using the latest technology and materials in order to boost the protection, safety, accuracy and comfort of all types of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals, offering premium tactical items as the best solution for any terrain under any type of weather conditions.


One simple word, but so many faces.The procurement department sees EN, ISO 9001, and other norms. So do we! But the only face we really care about is the one of an operator in a mission. Therefore we utilize high-end machines and trained workers. We use the best materials available in sourcing. If you think that your ideas can improve reliability, we want to hear it

At Tactica we believe that our clients can demand the best of all worlds such as design, cost efficiency and top-notch customer service. Tactica is focused on combining maximum efficiency in production with innovation to manufacture a high quality product. As such we expand our knowledge and partner with international companies in the latest of designs, materials and production know-how


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