Fabric that offers increased resistance to abrasion in the most extreme and severe conditions. It is light, water resistant and breathable
Made from waterproof treated materials that prevent water molecules from passing through the material while keeping the breathable quality of the product that keeps your feet dry. Designed to keep the feet dry in wetter conditions such as snow, large puddles.
Reduces the heat transfer between the foot and the outside environment by minimizing the thermal conduction of the materials.
Protects your joints from the stress caused by impacts while running or jumping.
Protects against puncture from sharp objects.
Equipped with special soles that will provide more than enough traction to maintain balance when walking over industrial oily surfaces.
The shoes dissipates on the ground the electrostatic tension accumulated inside the body, avoiding the unpleasant occurring of electric shocks and sparks that can start fires.

Viper 2 Black

Offering the best solution for any terrain, any season and under any type of weather, with a membrane that ensures a breathable waterproof quality and combined with Cordura® fabric, Tactica V series have a proven quality of up to 24h usage in the water or snow.  Designed to offer great mobility, a high protection of your knee with the anti-shock system in the insoles, oil and slip resistance, temperature and puncture resistance along with the original flexing point, these boots a must for any true specialist. 

The product is manufactured using IJ system (sole injected footwear). The sole is made of polyurethane and rubber directly injected on the leather in a dual density system: the inner layer has a lower density, it’s more elastic and has higher shock absorbing properties, and the outer sole is rubber with a higher strength and an increased abrasion resistance. The sole has antistatic and oil resistant properties, has a flag shaped non-slip surface radially positioned along the contour of the sole and “V” shaped non-slip surfaces in the center. The heel has a shock absorbing element in the center.

The sole is marked with the following signs:

  • SRC (marking symbol for slip resistance on ceramic surfaces wetted with a water and detergent mix and on steel wetted with glycerin)
  • HRO (marking symbol for sole resistance to contact heat on 300OC surfaces) 

91 EUR / 99 USD


  • UPPER2.0 - 2.2 mm black full grain hydrophobic cow leather+breathable and abrasion resistant Cordura®
  • SOLEPU/Rubber
  • LININGwaterproof breathable membrane
  • MIDSOLEdetachable, shock absorption PU
  • WEIGHT1548 g/pair - size 42

AVAILABLE SIZES:  US 6.5 -13  /   UK 6-12  /  EUR 36-47