DermoDry® Coolmax® is a fabric that speeds up the moisture absorbtion ensuring the skin is always dry. Moisture is continually drawn to the exterior and never returns to the skin creating a comfortable sensation.
The boot features the Vibram Werewolf sole which offers superb grip on all kinds of surfaces. The tough midsole and forepart cradle system ensures support and confidence when climbing but also offers flexibility.
Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking high-performance insoles
Contains no metallic parts so that you have no problem passing through metal detectors.

Aggressor Camouflage - Extreme summer

The Aggressor boot is our latest innovative product based on camouflage patterns, developed as an ideal boot for any mission because of the comfort, support and cushioning it offers. It’s a no nonsense, hard wearing, easy-to-maintain boot perfect for any scenario. The TACTICA Aggressor boot is ideal for Police, Security professionals, Military and Emergency Services personnel.


164 EUR / 178 USD


  • UPPERCombination of 1.8 -2.0 mm hydrophobic suede leather + extra breathable and abrasion resistant 3D Mesh
  • SOLEVibram® Werewolf
  • LININGCoolMax® Dermodry
  • MIDSOLEOrtholite® antimicrobial and moisture-wicking high-performance insoles
  • EXTRA100% non-metallic
  • WEIGHT1130 g/pair - size 42

AVAILABLE SIZES: US 5 -13  /   UK 4.5-12  /  EUR 36.5-47